In January of 2018, Leadership Newark launched its Junior Fellowship Program (JFP), a public policy program aligned with the adult Fellowship with a focus on how current public policy issues impact youth and young adults. The JFP recruits Newark resident high school students to engage in expanded learning opportunity, which enables in depth discussions and debate on public policy during the academic year. The end product? A project presentation in the format of a Junior Summit on the very issues they deem critical to their development as civic leaders.


The LN Junior Fellowship’s mission is to develop generation Z, who make up 25% of the overall population to be learned community and civic leaders, who will pave the road to expanding service for the common good.



Those in the Generation Z age group who become engaged in the LN Junior Fellowship, will be more informed and civically engaged leaders ready to transform the City of Newark and solve some of the toughest societal issues impacting their age group.


Leveraging LN Expertise and Alumni

Throughout its curriculum we leverage LN’s unique expertise in civic education and leadership development, as well as Leadership Newark’s dynamic alumni network. The Junior Fellowship program design is centered around three core elements:  education, mentorship, and experience.





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