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The basic framework for our nation to operate well relies heavily on the condition of our roads, buildings, power supply and communications, in essence – the Infrastructure. The 2017 Leadership Newark Summit will answer many questions on what some of the infrastructure needs are for a thriving nation and community.

On May 20th a Public Policy Summit entitled Destination Newark: People, Place and Progress will cover water, gas, electric, telecommunication, seaport, airport, highways, railways and leadership style & service in relation to infrastructure needs in urban centers, particularly Newark.

Take a look at the specific details and register for the workshops of interests! The keynoters and workshop leaders are experts in their respective fields and will be able to provide information on current trends and needs.





A holistic look at the importance of the interconnectivity of people in building a sustainable, thriving 21st-Century City through a triad of issues – infrastructure and its long term effects on health and wellness; energy efficient power; and immediate design and implementation of sustainable improvements in a growing urban metropolis.



(1A) Newark Unleaded: Improving Newark’s Water

What Newark and New Jersey leaders can do to improve our drinking, rain, fresh and storm water. Attendees can expect to walk away with an understanding of what it takes for Newark to be on track to maintaining a healthier sustainable water supply including the investment necessary to achieve that goal.


(1B) We’re Charged Up: Rewired & Ready

Learn about all the infrastructure changes that PSEG is doing on our gas and electric systems in Newark and throughout the State. PSEG is replacing thousands of miles of cast iron piping and increasing capacity and raising all of our switching stations in preparation for future storms.


(1C) Newark Decoded: Understanding Dark Broadband, Connectivity and Commerce

An interactive, working discussion on the digital future of the City of Newark, and how Newark residents can get connected where they live, work and play. Leading experts cover the future in fiber optics, broadband, and Wi-Fi at home and on the go. Attendees can expect to gain an understanding of Newark’s “Dark Broadband” and how this digital future will help spur economic growth.



Join the think tank to discuss revenue generation plans for Newark’s hidden economic gems and how to best prepare for the oncoming population and tourism boost by way of sea, airports, highways, roadways and neighborhoods.  In this track, attendees can expect to participate in discussions about and recommendations for Newark’s Seaport, development of Newark’s Airport, and best practices around boosting tourism.



(2A) Newark By Sea: Post Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal

In January 2016, the Mayor Ras J. Baraka issued a “call to action” inviting the private sector to suggest uses for Port Newark to make the 957-acre seaport a revenue generator for the City of Newark.  Leadership Newark will heed the call, and participants in this track will lay groundwork for additional ideas, which will be presented as part of the Destination Newark: White Paper.  Attendees will serve as “mini-consultants” and leave the workshop with a stake in beginning to develop an actionable, revenue-generating plan that will be delivered to city stakeholders.


(2B) Newark By Air:  Newark Liberty International Airport

In 2015, the Port Authority of NY & NJ’s Committee on Capital Planning, Execution & Asset Management released its Phase III redevelopment plan for Newark International Airport. Participants in this track will dig into the plan, assess the feasibility and develop actionable steps for Newark’s inclusion and benefit from this investment in our airport.  Attendees leave with an understanding of how the boom in opportunities might benefit the City of Newark’s travel, tourism and hospitality industry, and most importantly, job creation for residents and begin to develop a plan for local inclusion.


(2C) Newark By Land: Highways, Railways and Roadways

The New York Times reports that in Newark “about $2 billion in commercial and residential development is underway, 1,500 units of housing are under construction and another 4,000 are planned…and over $800 million has been invested since 2008”.  Participants will gain insight into how the City of Newark intends to create the infrastructure – economically and physically – to handle the intended growth and balance that with Newark’s Department of Economic and Housing Development’s office mission is to position Newark to take advantage of its unique assets, and create economic opportunity for Newark residents and enhance the vibrancy of our city. Attendees will be educated and informed about successful models and be guided on starting to develop a plan that they can leave with and continue to work on post-Summit.



Here is your opportunity to get a glimpse into Leadership Newark, Inc. and decide whether its programs are for you. Learn how to be a change agent for social good by gaining an understanding of leadership, entrepreneurship, and collaboration. Be bold; Be enterprising! Let your actions inspire others to be motivated, to dream, and to soar.



(3A) Leadership 101: What’s Your Leadership Personality?

If you currently have a leadership role or are transitioning into a leadership position, this workshop is for you.  Join us as we discuss leadership styles and how to choose the right approach for different situations.  Attendees can expect to walk away with an understanding of the concept of “Servant Leadership”, what it takes to be an effective leader, analyze their own management style and leadership qualities.


(3B) Collective Impact 101: Leveraging Partnerships for Change

An introduction to the five key elements of collective impact and a framework for establishing and sustaining partnerships to address a common cause.  Attendees will understand the key elements of collective impact and the key activities necessary for establishing, leveraging, and sustaining partnerships for lasting change.


(3C) Social Entrepreneurship: From Social Problem to Business Venture

Are you interested in addressing social needs? Learn how to turn your passion for social good into a scalable business. Discover resources to help you along the way as you gain an understanding on how to blend for-profit goals with generating a positive return to society. Whether you identify as a social/intra/tech/micro entrepreneur, this workshop is for you.


9:00am – 9:30am    

Registration, Continental Breakfast and Networking



Welcome and Opening Remarks

Celia M. King, CEO, Leadership Newark


Greetings from the City of Newark



Opening Keynote Address




Newark Unleaded: Improving Newark’s Water (Room 1)

Newark By Sea: Post Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal (Room 2)

Leadership 101: What’s Your Leadership Personality? (Room 3)




We’re Charged Up: Rewired & Ready (Room 1)

Newark By Air:  Newark Liberty International Airport (Room 2)

Collective Impact 101: Leveraging Partnership For Change (Room 3)



Luncheon Keynote Address




Newark Decoded: Understanding Dark Broadband, Connectivity and Commerce (Room 1)

Newark By Land: Highways, Railways and Roadways (Room 2)

Social Entrepreneurship: From Social Problems to Business Ventures (Room 3)




The White Paper Overview & How To Get Involved



Thank You and Closing Remarks

Celia M. King, CEO, Leadership Newark


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Cory Booker

NJ Senator

Cory Booker

NJ Senator

On October 16th, 2013, Cory Booker won a special election to represent New Jersey in the United States Senate. As a Senator, Booker has taken on some of the most difficult issues facing our country, such as reforming our broken criminal justice system, expanding economic opportunity for New Jerseyans, and improving our nation’s infrastructure. Prior to his time in the Senate, Booker served as the mayor of Newark, where he presided over the city’s greatest period of economic growth since the 1960’s. Throughout his seventeen years in public service, Booker has established himself as a creative problem solver who seeks bipartisan solutions.

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